Closet Editing

Your closet should feel as though you are in a wonderful new boutique where every item was made specifically for you. A closet editing session has a 2 hour minimum where Lupe will begin purging out unflattering items that are taking up space in your closet.  Lupe will also recommend stapled pieces that should be added to your collection.

Wardrobe Consulting

Using your most coveted pieces as inspiration, Lupe will recreate and redefine through artful use of accessories, in addition to skillfully mixing things up in ways you hadn’t considered.  Lupe will document by photographing outfits for reference at your fingertips.  Feeling 100% confident that your outfit is on point everyday is what were setting out to accomplish.  This service can be provided at your home, or Pretty Is.

Personal Shopper

Ladies if shopping is not for you this service will save you time and money.  By making sure to gather your essential staples that every woman’s closet has to have, we will then be able to create your perfect wardrobe with your existing coveted pieces.

Event Stying

Eliminate the stress of assembling an up-to-the-minute, brilliant look for your special occasion.  Whether a black-tie event, job interview, public appearance or meeting up with old friends, i.e. the dreaded class reunion, having a stylist pull together an ensemble allows you the opportunity to just breathe it all in.